We’re Going On Birthright Israel, and Blogging the Whole Way Through

Stay tuned for blog posts, photographs, and videos from our editor’s Birthright Israel trip Read More

By / June 8, 2012

Jewcy editor Stephanie Butnick is joining three Tablet Magazine staffers for a Birthright Israel trip, which they will be documenting with blog posts, photographs, and videos from the road. Tablet’s Bari Weiss and Marc Tracy explain:

We’re calling it The Roll, and as our bus churns along we’ll be bringing you updates on what we are told at the top of Masada, in the shadow of the Western Wall, and at the Lebanese border; profiling the American participants and the Israeli soldiers who join us; and telling stories about what goes on after the sun sets.

Quite apart from our daily commentary about Israeli politics—about the peace process; the crisis with Iran; the increasing role of Haredi and Russian political parties; etcetera, etcetera, etcetera—Birthright is a story in and of itself. And we intend to cover it in a way it literally never has been covered before.

You can follow their journey over at The Roll, which will be updated frequently throughout their 10-day trip. Stephanie’s first post, about Birthright for the Facebook generation, is already up. Tune in for an inside look at the free trip that, by 2013, 51,000 Jews will have gone on.