Your Lulav and Etrog Will Be Searched At Airport Security

Enjoy TSA screenings for all your Sukkot plants Read More

By / September 18, 2013

If you’re traveling for the High Holidays this year, be prepared to have your Sukkot paraphernalia searched at security. Be prepared to see countless Jews waving lulavs as they remove their belts and watches. Be prepared to unwrap your etrog and let the TSA agent examine it, and perhaps smell it for good measure. JTA reports:

“TSA’s screening procedures do not prohibit the carrying of the four plants used during Sukkot – a palm branch, myrtle twigs, willow twigs, and a citron – in airports, through or security checkpoints, or on airplanes,” the Transportation Security Administration said in a statement, noting the dates of this year’s Sukkot holiday, from Sept. 18-25.

Cooperate fully and we’re sure your etrog, lulav, hadas, and aravah will make it on the plane unscathed.