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Come to the Bimah and Read Torah! But First, What’s Your Pronoun?

The rise in Americans identifying as non-binary poses a question for shuls: How to invite some congregants for an Aliyah. Read More

By / July 12, 2017

An increasing number of Americans are coming out as non-binary: terms like genderqueer, gender-fluid, and agender describe a variety of identities that transcend being a woman vs. a man. While they share many of the same experiences as binary transgender people— as in, assigned male at birth and coming out as female, or vice versa, non-binary folks also have some unique obstacles. One major day-to-day example: The English language has a limited selection of pronouns; men are traditionally “he” and women are “she.” So what about someone who’s both, or neither, or something else entirely?

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