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Finally, Festive Hanukkah Sweaters For the Rest of Us

Kickstarter project offers the greatest (and maybe only) Hanukkah sweaters you’ve ever seen Read More

By / August 7, 2012

Now this is an idea we can get behind. Crowd-sourced fundraising site Kickstarter is featuring a project by Geltfiend, which might be the best thing ever: festive Hanukkah sweaters.

“Since I started wearing my new Hanukkah sweater, my social calendar has literally exploded. I had four dates just yesterday,” a dreidel sweater-clad girl tell us in the video (Ira, Ari, Shmuley, and Isaac, it turns out). She uploaded a picture to JDate and—wait for it—it crashed the site.

Our favorite is the “Spinmaster,” though we definitely like the “Geltdigger” sweater. And isn’t it about time we Jews got to celebrate in festive—if cheesy—seasonal garb? As Geltfiend creator Carin Agiman explains, “These days, being Jewish and being American seem very reconcilable, and Geltfiend is a celebration of that union between culture and national identity. We can have our gelt and eat it, too.”

Will you be helping Geltfiend “make this Hannukah the best one yet?