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Jews and Birth Control

What politicians can learn from Judaism’s nuanced perspective on reproductive rights Read More

By / March 1, 2012

Today in Tablet Magazine, Liel Leibovitz posits that the political discourse surrounding women’s reproductive rights would benefit from the nuanced teachings of Judaism on the subject. After all, when it comes to birth control, he argues, we’re all Jews.

Leibovitz writes:

This is where reading the rabbis is a real pleasure. It takes just a few lines of the Rambam on the subject of contraception to realize that the man wasn’t only a terrific doctor but also a lover who’d given the mechanics of intercourse a great deal of thought. And he’s hardly alone: Throughout the ages, talk abides of vaginal canals and cervixes, of pregnancy and lactation, of women’s health and women’s rights. It’s a far more formidable, nuanced, and humane approach than the blunt insistence of many on the contemporary American right that the only Godly answer when it comes to contraception is “no.”


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