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Links, links, links for Sukkot!

Another week, another marathon festival/Shabbat. Here’s what you should read. Read More

By / October 8, 2014

Sukkot and the Single Woman: How I Found Myself in Orthodox Brooklyn: A Sukkah of One’s Own, to paraphrase Virginia Woolf.

Remembering My Grandmother Each Year on Sukkot: Susan Cohen continues her grandmother’s custom of building a sweet ‘lil tabletop sukkah.

This bonkers interview with the Fat Jew, who found Instagram fame by sitting in a tub full of ramen. The closest thing to a Jewish Kanye.

Meet America’s only large-scale etrog farmer, a Presbyterian named John Kirkpatrick who knows “an awful lot” about Jewish law.

And here’s one for your listening pleasure: A playlist of shelter-themed songs for your Sukkah. Shake your lulav to The Rolling Stones?

p.s. Don’t forget to decorate your Sukkah with your favorite Ushpizienne. (Because why should the patriarchs have all the fun?)