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OMGWTFBIBLE Podcast: Holy Cow! A Burning Bush!

In which Moses is called to adventure and it takes for-ev-er. Read More

By / September 11, 2014

OMGWTFBIBLE dives ever further into Exodus! This week, host David Tuchman reads even more Bible with Mordechai Levovitz of Jewish Queer Youth, and they cover a number of pressing questions, like: What exactly is Moses’s relationship with Yitro? What does God do when nobody’s around? And why is he so long-winded?

Find out below in this week’s installment, in which Moses is called to SAVE. HIS. PEOPLE.

Also, discover how the Bible inspired Groot.

David Tuchman translated the Tanakh as a comedy and called it OMGWTFBIBLE. Each month on his podcast, he calls up a different guest to read as many chapters of OMGWTFBIBLE as they can while they both make fun of it.

Jewcy is the proud (internet) co-host of OMGWTFBIBLE. Read more about the project here, and listen to previous episodes here.

David will be reading the next live show with Y-Love at Beauty Bar on September 22.

(Image: Burning Bush by Sébastien Bourdon)