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An Inside Look at Chic, Modest Jewish Fashion Label “Mimu Maxi”

Urban Outfitters meets Eileen Fisher. Want! Read More

By / November 3, 2014

In this video, Refinery 29 takes a fun, quick look inside the world of Mimu Maxi designers Mimi Hecht and Mushky Notik. If you can look past the cliches about Hasidic hipsters (hello, 2007!), cheesy, klezmer-soundtracked shots of Crown Heights (why does every video producer feel compelled to do this?), and general exoticization of Orthodox Jewish life, it’s totally worth five minutes of your day.

Fortunately my eyesight is pretty good, so I managed to do just that, and can report that Mimu Maxi’s style is original, simple, chic—sort of Urban Outfitters meets Eileen Fisher, with a touch of… Gandhi? I know, it sounds bananas, but it’s great! I would like one of everything, plus the ability to look effortlessly cool in loose, unstructured garments. Thanking you in advance, universe.