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A Video Ode to Sleepaway Camp Raids, Color War, and Summer Hookups

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By / April 5, 2013

Did you go to sleepaway camp? If you did (or even if your friends did), this hilarious video will seem all too familiar. In it, Tyler Gildin, the comedian behind viral gems like The Real Housekeepers of Long Island and Nassau (County) State of Mind, stops people on the street in Manhattan’s Murray Hill and asks them about their memories of summer camp.

Alums from Indian Head Camp, Trails End Camp, and Brant Lake Camp instantly summon team cheers, raid stories, and hookup memories, to the delight of Gildin, a proud former camper at Tyler Hill (where we first met).

For every ex-AIM user who updated their “profiles” with camp quotes and alma mater lyrics, this one’s for you. BUNK 19 ’04 FOREVER!

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