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Dr. Ruth Discusses the New Play About Her Life—and Debra Jo Rupp’s Accent

The mom from ‘That 70s Show’ is so convincing as Dr. Ruth in a new play that even Dr. Ruth herself can’t tell the difference Read More

By / September 19, 2012

Dr. Ruth has seen the play based on her life seven times already—and it only opened to the public today. Written by Mark St. Germain, Dr. Ruth, All the Way is running at the Barrington Stage Company in the Berkshires. The play stars That 70s Show’s Debra Jo Rupp as Westheimer, and Rupp is apparently doing a very convincing job in the role.

“When Debra Jo Rupp plays me, I pinch myself and I say ‘Ruth Westheimer, keep quiet, you are not on stage!’” the 84-year-old sex therapist told Radio Boston. “I think it’s me up there!”

It wasn’t easy. “The accent was a nightmare, quite frankly,” Rupp explained. “Her dialect is not one land.”

Listen to the full interview with Westheimer and Rupp, and hear a clip from the show where Rupp, as Westheimer, explains the Talmudic basis for figuring out how often a woman should sleep with her husband. Spoiler alert: it depends on his occupation.