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Hey Frat Guys, Here’s How Not to Talk to Jewish Girls

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By / April 8, 2013

Another day, another fratty stunt gone viral. Today it’s a member of a University of Maryland fraternity who wanted to help his brothers out in advance of a Greek Week mixer with a Jewish sorority. You know, because an encounter with this foreign species requires a tutorial.

He wrote up a list of do’s and don’t’s for what to say to the women, including conversation tips like “If you are Jewish, say yes. If you look somewhat Jewish but aren’t … just say you are,” “Make up a camp you went to. Say it was in upstate PA, NY, or Maine. Say it starts with ‘Timber’ or ends in ‘Lake,'” and the forward-thinking “You want to ‘do something with business, maybe finance’ or start your own business.”

“This is funny, but also serious,” the bro clarifies early on, but he couldn’t be more wrong on the first count. Sure, the email is immature and insensitive and will probably offend lots of people, but the worst part, frankly, is how uncreative and stale it is. And if he really thinks the only way to get with Jewish girls is to talk about getting drunk, going to electronic music festivals, and being from New Jersey? Good luck after college, dude.

By the way, “If you wear a cross on your neck, don’t wear it.”


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