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Is This the Best Jewish Musical Marriage Proposal Video of the Year?

They met on JDate and he asked her parents for permission while she was on Birthright Read More

By / November 27, 2012

Vulture brings our attention to this over-the-top—and totally Jewish—musical marriage proposal video. In it, we meet the theatrical Eric LaBarre, who has his friend Jake videotape his elaborate song-and-dance-filled proposal to girlfriend Nina Sturtz, who he sings about meeting on JDate.

But wait, it gets better: he’s filmed taking the train to her parents house in White Plains to ask for permission—while she’s in Israel on a Birthright trip. Then he tells his mom and brother, two of her friends, and even her ex-boyfriend, and dances in the street with some of his friends.

Spoiler alert: she says yes. Mazel tov, guys.