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The Sunday Mazel: Jealous Of Irish Weddings

A historic abbey or someplace in Long Island: a wedding’s a wedding no matter where it’s at. Read More

By / January 9, 2011

Jews don’t have royalty, and when we think we’re safe enough to set up shop and build beautiful buildings, something bad tends to happen.

Without going into a complete history lesson, let’s just use the wedding of Genevieve Sheehan and Troy Meyer as an example, because the couple flew out to Ireland, got married in an old ass church, and had their picture taken for their New York Times announcement photo taken in front of a gorgeous old abbey.

Of course we’re sure that if we were to call up some old church in Ireland and ask “hey, is it alright if we bring in some kosher caterers and set up a chuppa and let Mr. Rosenblaum and Ms. Lefkovitz tie the knot?” they would probably be okay with that, but I’m guessing that won’t happen anytime in the near future.  So our peeps get hitched in places like Gurney’s Inn in Montauk — which is probably just as nice as any part of Ireland, but lacking any historical significance.

But hey, a wedding’s a wedding no matter where it’s at.