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Why I’m Unfollowing Dr. Ruth on Twitter

I love Dr. Ruth, but the 83-year-old sex therapist is making my twitter feed NSFW Read More

By / March 9, 2012

I love Dr. Ruth. She’s funny, she’s tough, she offers Linsanity-themed sex advice. She was lovely the time I approached her at a fundraiser and effusively explained that I followed her on Twitter. Which is why it’s so hard to admit that I might unfollow @AskDrRuth.

It’s not her, it’s me. I have no problem with her dropping bedroom knowledge, but her recent retweets of people’s intimate responses to her questions are making my twitter feed NSFW. Call me a prude, but I’m crying TMI.

We follow celebrities and well-known personalities on Twitter for the brief glimpses into their lives. With Dr. Ruth, that means fun photos (at an event with Billy Crystal! In a rubber nurse costume designed by John Paul Gaultier! Hanging with Shaq!), and quirky insights like “Sir Paul got star in Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. Will never forget when he stopped to sing “Yeah, yeah, yeah” to me at Yale Graduation,” and “I’m at Restaurant Chez Napoleon. I like Napoleon because he was so short. We’d have made a good match.” But Dr. Ruth is a sex therapist, and she’s using Twitter primarily to create an open conversation with her followers, offering free advice and posing and answering questions. While the idea of an 83-year-old woman tweeting about curved penises is funny (which she is no doubt aware of), Dr. Ruth is ultimately an educator trying to promote awareness and openness when it comes to sex. Twitter might not be the best place for that conversation—someone helpfully reminded her followers that their tweets are stored in the Library of Congress—but it’s where she’s doing it for now.

Have some respect, people. The woman was nominated for a Grammy.

(photo credit: Steven Henry/Getty Images)

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