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‘Battleship’ Director Peter Berg Gets Heated About Israel in Interview

Battleship director Peter Berg turned the tables on an Israeli interviewer with a discussion about Israel that the reporter definitely wasn’t expecting.

“What the fuck is going to happen in Israel?” Berg asks, before going off on an impassioned, if scattered, tangent. “Its the most serious issue facing our planet right now,” he says, “Moreso than the movie Battleship.”

Inquiring whether the 25-year-old reporter served in the army (he didn’t), Berg asks if he was a draft dodger.

“You gotta join the army motherfucker,” he says, before saying the interviewer’s last name doesn’t sound Jewish (we learn that both of their fathers are Jewish).

We couldn’t tell you when Battleship is coming out (is it out already?), but we sure like seeing an American movie director go nuts about Israel.

(Photo credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/GettyImages)

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