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Season Three ‘Homeland’ Recap: ‘The Yoga Play’
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Season Three ‘Homeland’ Recap: ‘The Yoga Play’

On the heels of last week’s episode, which unearthed the craziest plot twist ever (literally crazy—it included a mental hospital and lots o’ lithium), this week’s episode of Homeland, “The Yoga Play,” was a lot more relaxed. I’d even go so far as to call it melodramatic, pulling inspiration from My So Called Life or the Lifetime Movie Network.

Let’s start with Dana (Morgan Saylor), just to get her out of the way. She’s still on the run with her mental hospital boyfriend, Leo (Sam Underwood), and she’s still convinced that her life is SO hard, what will all her angst and self-importance. The two discuss how nothing matters because they’re together and in love and happy, so it’s fine that they only have $70 between them because that’s enough money for another tank of gas, which they’ll use to go find jobs flipping burgers. Ah, the American Dream. But when Dana hears information about Leo’s history on the news while she’s in a convenience store, she freaks out and creates enough of a scene to draw police attention within minutes. Dana learns that Leo was mandated to his stay in the hospital by a federal court after his brother’s death, and if he didn’t claim a psychiatric imbalance, he could have been convicted for the death.

Carrie (Claire Danes) has been helping Dana’s mom, Jessica (Morena Baccarin), find her daughter. Carrie balances helping out on the missing Dana case while sticking to her main role as CIA agent disguised as bipolar traitor. Her traitor act has been convincing enough to garner the attention of Bad Guy Majid Javadi (Shaun Toub). He’s enlisted her as an ex-CIA contact, who can help him out with inside information. Javidi, who waltzed into the country despite his highly dangerous background, spent most of the episode driving around spying. But, at one point, sauce dribbles down from his burger and onto his shirt while he secretly eats in his car. Maybe he isn’t anti-American after all!

Meanwhile, Saul (Mandy Patinkin), expecting to be promoted to director of the CIA, tries to play nice with his political colleagues. Looking like a lost member of Duck Dynasty, Saul suits up in outdoorsy garb to go geese hunting with Important Old White Men, including Senator Lockhart (Tracy Letts), the head of the Senate committee that interrogated the CIA after the Langley bombing. Sadly, Saul learns that the president is nominating Lockhart for the position. After the announcement, Saul holds back tears long enough to give a bitter toast wishing the senator luck. Then, he huffily leaves the party, probably to go torture his Senator Lockhart voodoo doll.

When Saul gets home, he doesn’t even have the chance to wallow in the woes of his life’s work because he finds his estranged wife, Mira (Sarita Choudhury), having dinner with a male friend (i.e., a date), so he runs to his room. Poor Saul. But his wallow time is, again, cut short when he gets a call from Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend), who has been watching Carrie’s house and thinks he sees Javadi’s camp outside of it. But, he’s too far away to really do or see anything. Javadi’s minions sneak into Carrie’s house, strip-search her, and break her phone before kidnapping her. Eventually, Quinn disobeys Saul’s orders to keep a distance and enters Carrie’s vacated house. Standing over a pile of Carrie’s clothes and broken phone, Quinn notes to Saul, who is still on the phone, that Carrie is all by herself. Saul smirks and replies that she always has been.

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