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Jonathan Weiner wrote this article.  See more of his work on his website.
“The metaphor is much more subtle than its inventor, and so are many things.  Everything has its depths.  He who has eyes sees all in everything.”
The Waste Books of G. C. Lichtenberg

You’ve caught me in an odd mood. Everyone goes through life behind an emotional windshield.  It keeps the relentless, biting wind of the universe off our soft, rosy cheeks.  Once in a while that windshield gets smashed in.  It’s one of those days.

I think of my work as frozen moments from untold stories where everyone—and everything—is struggling to exist.   People, creatures, and objects—all things compete over finite resources in a land where you probably shouldn’t trust anyone except yourself.  Well, you probably shouldn’t trust yourself either.  Right now, whether we know it or not, we all inhabit this land, we are all constantly engaged in this existential fight, and I’m sorry to inform you that we will all one day meet defeat.  

It’s a grim and beautiful notion, engaging in a struggle one is destined to lose.  I find inspiration in that.  Or maybe I’m just having one of those days…


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