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Russia’s Suicide by Tyranny

By December 4, 2007

Touring Moscow ten years ago, my friend and I found ourselves having to stifle a nearly indefensible laughing fit. We’d both come to realize that our guide wrapped up every historical anecdote about every structure she showed us with, “and … Read More

Why I’m Not Positive Bin Laden’s Alive

By November 30, 2007

In the wake of the most recently released Osama bin Laden audio recording I’m compelled to ask several questions: 1. Why has al Qaeda been unable to release one single video of bin Laden demonstrably talking about current events since … Read More

Psst! The French Rioters Are Muslim

By November 27, 2007

The French rioters are Muslim: a matter that concerns me as much as the fact of its widespread omission in the press. The riots began after two teens on a motorbike died in a collision with a police car in … Read More

Bernard Lewis on Israel: To Be or Not To Be

By November 26, 2007

As non-history is about to repeat itself in Annapolis, today’s Wall Street Journal runs Bernard Lewis’ sober take on tomorrow’s Middle East peace conference.   If the issue is about the size of Israel, then we have a straightforward border … Read More

Iraq and The New York Times: Turkeys Come Home to Roast

By November 20, 2007

Today’s New York Times print edition ran a cover story on Iraq accompanied by the kind of ample photo spread the paper usually fills with a buffet of limp corpses, weeping mothers, and soldiers in prosthetic rehabilitation. But today’s photos … Read More

Is It Time To End Affirmative Action?

By November 15, 2007

Etymologically, the word symposium means a convivial meeting, usually involving food, drink, and intellectual conversation. The Intelligence Squared U.S. debate series, made possible by philanthropist Robert Rosenkrantz, may yet restore this classical sensibility to public discourse. Last night was the … Read More

Post-Surge Iraq: Good News Is No News

By November 13, 2007

The last time I was in LA I scanned the cover of the Los Angeles Times and saw that the death of Spencer Tracy's son was front page news. So I had to laugh when I spotted an editorial in … Read More

Bono Gets 9/11. Or Does He?

By November 12, 2007

I didn’t consider liking U2 until Bono ditched the mullet and the earnestness, and started dressing like he was in Duran Duran. What others felt was a creative compromise I saw as a welcome aesthetic revolt. It doesn’t seem to … Read More