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Andrea Askowitz has the best life in the world.  She’s pregnant and healthy.  She has friends, family, money, and meaningful work.  And all she can do is obsess about the one thing she doesn’t have:  Kate, her exgirlfriend.  My Miserable, Lonely, Lesbian Pregnancy is an antidote to sugar-sweet pregnancy guides and memoirs.  Irreverent, whip-smart, and side-splittingly funny, My Miserable is potent therapy for ill-timed break-ups, leg cramps, constipation, and everyother downside to a dream come true.

Slate.com said, "Andrea Askowitz is warm, funny and filthy." 

 The rabbi said: "Andrea Askowitz’s story reveals the unique journey of her pregnancy, her deep Jewish roots, values and questions.  As much as this story is about the pregnancy it’s also about her own Jewish parenting discovery." --Rabbi Jamie Aklepi, Congregation Bet Breira


Identity…What for?

By December 12, 2008

Last Sunday, Victoria (my Catholic, Latina partner) and Tashi (our 5-year-old) and I had lunch with Victoria’s friend Rita. Rita was born in Cuba, but moved to Miami 48 years ago when she was eight years old. Rita speaks English … Read More

I Don’t Speak Red

By September 8, 2008

I’m trying to make sense of the Republican convention.  I’m also trying to rise above the righteousness I see on both sides and put myself in someone else’s shoes, but I sort of feel like Cinderella’s step sister. Two nights … Read More

Circumcision is Somewhere Between Ear Piercing and Foot Binding

By September 5, 2008

I just finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See.  Someone in my book club last night said it was the only book in the past year that our entire book club enjoyed.  I nodded with the rest … Read More

What’s in a Name? (When You’re Naming a Baby of Mixed Culture and Religion?)

By September 4, 2008

Victoria has six post-it notes hanging above her desk: Mateo, Nicolas, Tomas, Alejandro, Santiago, and Simon. I have one: Nikolai. I love the name Nikolai. This morning, I woke up thinking: We can call our boy Niko. When I mentioned … Read More

Priestly Idea (Did You Know Anyone Can Perform a Baptism?)

By September 3, 2008

I said, “Hey, why don’t we get Tuffi to do our baptism?” “She’s not Catholic,” Victoria said. I said, “I know, but I think of her as totally priestly.”   Tuffi, formerly known as Stephanie, but renamed Tuffi by Tashi when … Read More

Let’s Have a Baptism/Bris

By September 2, 2008

We know for sure we’re having a boy.  Got the amnio results.  All is good news, even the news that it’s a boy.  I mean right?  We already have a girl, and a boy and a girl is every mom’s … Read More