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What Makes a Holiday Personal?

By October 1, 2009

As I was writing Jewish Cooking Boot Camp, the subject of my book often came up in conversation. Inevitably the person asking would have some sort of recipe suggestion. But with those requests came something else… family traditions. As I … Read More

Lessons From a Not-So-Typical Jewish Grandma

By October 1, 2009

Traveling around promoting Jewish Cooking Boot Camp, my mom and I have been fortunate to meet many, many people who love to share their stories and recipes with us. And almost everyone has the same comment: "My mother/grandmother/aunt made a … Read More

Jewzilians, Jewmaicans, and More

By September 30, 2009

One of the greatest things I discovered as I collected family traditions (see yesterday’s post) was the diversity of Jewish families that are out there today. My own Eastern-European family acquired a Brazilian infusion courtesy of my husband and in-laws, … Read More

The Tale of Mimi Chicken (AKA The Dish That Started It All)

By September 29, 2009

As I mentioned in my last post, I was never great in the kitchen. In fact, up until I moved in with my husband my cooking skills rarely ventured outside the realm of grilled chicken and salads. But having someone … Read More

In the Beginning There Was…Diet Coke and Power Bars?

By September 28, 2009

Andrea Carneiro is the author of Jewish Cooking Boot Camp: The Modern Girl’s Guide to Cooking Like a Jewish Grandmother. She is guest-blogging this week on Jewcy, and this is her first post. It was about eight years ago that … Read More