About Andy Hume

Andy blogs for Jewcy on politics and world affairs from a right-of-centre and occasionally quite bilious perspective. A graduate in legal philosophy from the University of Glasgow (no, he doesn't know if David Hume is an ancestor, but feels he ought to be) he now lives in Edinburgh.

He's been described on these pages as an "Anglo rage-boy", and apart from objecting to being labelled as English, it's as good a description as any.

Egyptian Jews Not Welcome In Egypt

By May 28, 2008

The Israel-Egypt Friendship Association is composed of hardy souls, but even they were forced to admit defeat last week when they phoned the Marriott Hotel in Cairo to confirm their reservations ahead of a planned goodwill visit to Egypt by … Read More

The Many Jesuses Of Russia’s Doomsday Cults

By May 19, 2008

A bizarre six-month standoff came to an end on Friday when the last few members of a Russian doomsday cult that had holed themselves up in a cave awaiting the end of the world finally gave themselves up. The cultists … Read More

Could David Cameron Be The British Obama?

By May 12, 2008

A few days before Christmas last year, I penned a piece for Jewcy outlining the similarities between the Democratic frontrunner, Hillary Clinton, and the new British PM, Gordon Brown. The analysis was sound enough, but I trust you didn't put … Read More

Vladimir Putin Leaves Behind A Revived Prison State On His Exit

By May 7, 2008

It was quite possibly the greatest gift to journalists since bars started offering free Wi-Fi. Vladimir Putin, who steps down as Tsar of All The Russias this week, had secretly divorced his wife of 25 years, Lyudmila, and shacked up … Read More

Fascism With An Armani Face

By April 28, 2008

It has become fashionable in recent years to talk of the rise of intolerance in Europe. Jewish groups warn that anti-Semitism has returned to mainstream political discourse, often under the banner of opposition to “Zionism”; meanwhile, the Left prefers to … Read More

University College London’s Resident 9/11 Truther And Holocaust Denier

By April 21, 2008

You can tell a lot about people from the company they keep. Out beyond the fringes of sane political debate, where Bilderbergers and Illuminati run the Zionist Occupation Government with the help of mind control and black helicopters, far right … Read More

John McCain The Ulster Orangeman

By April 14, 2008

There were, to put it mildly, a few raised eyebrows at Jamie Kirchick’s recent suggestion (albeit made very much in passing) that Irish Massachusetts might be tempted to tip towards the Scots-Irishman John McCain in November. As Daniel Koffler pointed … Read More

Belgium No Longer Exists

By March 21, 2008

It was, by any measure, an odd moment. Being interviewed on stage just moments after her tearful coronation, the new Miss Belgium was lobbed the gentlest of softballs about her hopes for the future. She hesitated, smile fixed on her … Read More