About Andy Hume

Andy blogs for Jewcy on politics and world affairs from a right-of-centre and occasionally quite bilious perspective. A graduate in legal philosophy from the University of Glasgow (no, he doesn't know if David Hume is an ancestor, but feels he ought to be) he now lives in Edinburgh.

He's been described on these pages as an "Anglo rage-boy", and apart from objecting to being labelled as English, it's as good a description as any.

A Tale of Two Democracies

By December 3, 2007

I had to laugh over the weekend when the BBC website started reporting, under its dramatic "Breaking News" logo, "Putin party leads in Russian elections". (Never underestimate the power of 24-hour news media to wring every possible drop of drama … Read More

Kosovo Inches Towards Independence – And War

By November 19, 2007

There are no good wars, as Bart Simpson once famously advised us, with the exception of the American Revolution, World War II, and the Star Wars trilogy. If recent Western military adventures have tended to reinforce the theory, the NATO … Read More

Free Speech and Double Standards

By November 16, 2007

Last week, Britain saw the first conviction of a woman under new anti-terror laws. Samina Malik, a 23 year-old from west London who worked in a bookshop in Heathrow Airport, had a wealth of literature in her home on such … Read More

Suicide Bombers With PhDs

By November 13, 2007

In 2002, Tony Blair’s wife caused controversy by expressing some sympathy for the ‘plight’ of Palestinian suicide bombers, just hours after a bus bomb in Jerusalem killed 19 and injured over 40. (Whatever happened to suicide attacks in Israel, anyway? … Read More

King of Spain Tells Chavez to Shut Up

By November 12, 2007

Great stuff from Santiago, Chile, where one of the crowned heads of Europe has finally spoken up for an increasingly bored silent majority by publicly telling Hugo Chavez to go and fuck himself.  Spain's King Juan Carlos told Venezuelan leader … Read More

The End of Turkey’s Speech Law?

The End of Turkey’s Speech Law?
By November 8, 2007

Some long-overdue good news – perhaps – from Turkey yesterday, where the European Union's carrot-and-stick approach, so often criticised in the past, may be about to see the repeal, or at least reform, of the Turkish penal code's infamous Article … Read More

This Will Be A Day Long Remembered…

By November 2, 2007

Heartwarming scenes in Kampala, Uganda, today, as emissaries from the notorious Lord's Resistance Army arrived in the city on a rather belated mission of peace. The gruesome civil war has been going on for over two decades since President Museveni … Read More

The Arrival of the King of Saud

The Arrival of the King of Saud
By October 31, 2007

They came in their hundreds. Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah is in Britain to pay a visit on Her Majesty, and he ain't travelling incognito. The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques showed up at Heathrow yesterday in five – count … Read More