About Ben Karlin

Ben Karlin is the president of Superego Industries, a production company developing television, feature film, and web projects in partnership with HBO. Prior to that he was executive producer of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report. Even more prior to that, he was the editor of The Onion.

Why You Should Bring Sunglasses to Your Wedding

By May 13, 2008

From: Ben Karlin To: Elizabeth Wurtzel Well, this is it, I guess. What started as a series of un-furtive, semi-intellectual, vaguely thematic exchanges between relative strangers has totally….well, stayed that way. Yet it has been anything but a zero sum … Read More

We’d All Rather Be Liked Than Known

By May 12, 2008

From: Ben Karlin To: Elizabeth Wurtzel The words in your last e-mail all make sense. And they all seem true and heartfelt. But to me, everything boils down to simple want. Every word human beings speak is laden with desire. … Read More

Can You Stay Friends With An Ex?

By May 9, 2008

From: Ben Karlin To: Elizabeth Wurtzel Read the following in a cranky old man voice: What the hell kind of world are we living in? I’m sorry, but it’s a fucking bag. There is little in this world that makes … Read More

Don’t Hate Me For Living in Brooklyn

By May 8, 2008

From: Ben Karlin To: Elizabeth Wurtzel I’m not sure you are going to get your handbag this way. Go for it! Just put it out there that you want one. Why beat around the bush? Everything I want is vague … Read More

Are Emotional Affairs the New Infidelity?

By May 1, 2008

Not long ago, Ben Karlin quit his job as producer of The Colbert Report to edit a book of confessional essays about breaking up, Things I’ve Learned from Women Who’ve Dumped Me. Karlin began his career at The Onion and … Read More

Stay Away From That Place That Buys Human Hair

By December 25, 2006

Graduating from college sucks. It’s just awful. If you’ve failed to line up a job during your senior year, then commencement marks your transition from scholar to slacker. If you have managed to get your inexperienced ass employed, then it … Read More