About Carla Sosenko

Carla Sosenko is a full-time copy editor and freelance writer whose work has appeared in Self, New York Moves, Punchline, The Boston Metro and Urge Magazine. Her first play, "Headcase," was produced in the 2001 New York International Fringe Festival, and her short story "Clutter" was a semifinalist in the Nimrod/Handman awards. She is currently working on a memoir.

Clip of the Week: Night of the Living Jews

By April 1, 2008

As Passover approaches, let us take a moment to remember those Jews we’ve lost—you know, the ones who consumed “matzoh with a dark history” and were transformed into the living dead only to be hunted down by the goyim they … Read More

We Have Ways of Making You Laugh

By March 28, 2008

“120 Funny Swastika Cartoons” certainly sounds like an oxymoron, but who knows better how to turn beets into borscht than the Jews? In We Have Ways of Making You Laugh, New Yorker cartoonist Sam Gross takes what is arguably the … Read More

Clip: Run Fatboy Run

By March 25, 2008

What do you get when you combine the talents of comedian Michael Ian Black (a Jew), David Schwimmer (another Jew!), Hank Azaria (a Sephardic Jew!) and Simon Pegg (not a Jew, but still funny)? You get the charming (but woefully … Read More

The Ultimate J-Date Contest: Who Is Less Jewy?

By March 19, 2008

Phil Mazo’s upcoming comedy-album debut, Pervert, drops April 1. Listen as Mazo, a vaguely creepy comic from Jersey, riffs on the "I'm less Jewy than you are" J-Date courtship ritual.    

‘Jewno’: All The Young Jews Awkwardly Shmooze ‘Til They Have Booze

By March 18, 2008

Ever wondered what the fate of America's knocked-up sweetheart, Juno MacGuff, would have been were she born to liberal New York Jews? Look no further than the "preview" for Jewno, the 92nd Street Y Tribeca's tribute to the Oscar-winning quip-a-thon. … Read More

Clip of the Week: Defiance Could Be the Next Big WWII Movie

By March 12, 2008

Seems like Hollywood's only just shaking the Oscar-party confetti out of its hair, and already there's talk of next year's awards contenders. Defiance, directed by Edward Zwick (Blood Diamond, The Last Samurai), is generating lots of buzz. It's the story … Read More

Sarah Silverman and Amy Winehouse: Separated At Birth?

By March 7, 2008

The gorgeous Annie Leibovitz–shot cover of April’s Vanity Fair features Sarah Silverman, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler done up as ethereal Grecian goddesses. (Poehler keeps it real by copping a feel off Fey.) But not even that can compare with … Read More

Clips: Michael Showalter Is the Jackson Pollack of Mix Tapes

By March 5, 2008

Back in the day, giving someone a mixtape was big-time. Those sometimes fumbling, often cheesy attempts at human connection were so much more heartfelt than a poke on Facebook, infinitely more earnest than giving someone the BeFri half to your … Read More