About Christine Silk

Christine Silk is a guest blogger at Jewcy. She was born into a Catholic family, discovered Ayn Rand and Objectivism in her teenage years, and now regularly attends synagogue with her family. In her spare time, she avidly reads cookbooks in search of  the latest recipe that will lead to dessert nirvana, or at least provide a worthwhile sugar rush. This past summer, she won awards for her baking at the county fair. She has a secret desire to become a pastry chef.

Atheists are Giving Me Hell

By December 8, 2006

A few days ago in the comment threads to the Harris/Prager atheism debate, David Lantos said this: I would be interested in hearing Christine's thoughts on the following: in my experience, atheists frequently view believers as automatons, as people who … Read More

Christine Silk: From Catholicism to Ayn Rand to Pirkei Avot

Christine Silk: From Catholicism to Ayn Rand to Pirkei Avot
By December 5, 2006

Editor's note: in the enormous (500-plus comments and still growing) threads to the Why are Atheists So Angry dialogue, one site user's comments have elicited a particularly strong reaction. We've invited that visitor, Christine Silk, to post to Faithhacker describing … Read More