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Jews and Germany: Why You Should Go, Even If It Makes Your Grandma Angry

By February 1, 2010

I got a lot of flack from family and friends about visiting Germany, but no one had any compelling reasons for me to reconsider– other than ‘this feeling’ that it was somehow wrong for a Jew to set foot in … Read More

Sex and the Haredi Jew

By February 16, 2009

Both the media and the general population do a lot of speculating when it comes to the Haredim (ultra-Orthodox) and in particular, there has been a lot of discussion in recent years regarding the overall sexual health and instances of … Read More

IDF Moral Code Explains Those Photos of Dead Civilians

By January 30, 2009

IDF soldiers are given strict orders in terms of combat procedures as per IDF moral code; the IDF tells them when it is appropriate risk their lives, to save others, and to shoot. The details are numerous, but the basic … Read More

No Need To Reinvent The Wheel….Er, Torah

By December 11, 2008

"I don’t really get into the Tanakh," explains Naomi Rubinstein, a 24 year old American living and volunteering in Israel for the year. "Torah and Jewish texts in general don’t speak to me. My family isn’t religious and neither am … Read More

Jews of Hebron: You Can’t Make Me Shed A Tear

By December 9, 2008

Last week, the IDF and Israeli police forces forcefully removed settlers from Beit HaShalom, a disputed home in Hebron. In case you’ve been living under a rock, the story is the same as usual– the Jews claim that they bought … Read More

Cranky American Jews Get Self-Righteous in Jerusalem– Without Good Reason

By November 24, 2008

This article in the Jerusalem Post highlights the not-so-surprising lack of interest in the GA conference (huge gathering of Federation professionals from the States) by Israelis and well, the philanthropic American Jews are cranky about it. In the article, GA … Read More

Jerusalem Art Scene Picks Up Where It Left Off

By November 17, 2008

If you’re a modern art lover and you’re looking for some culture in Israel, it’s likely that your fellow art enthusiasts will direct you to the nearest bus to Tel Aviv, which is adorned by modern art museums, galleries, and … Read More

Jews and Germany: Is Berlin The New Diaspora Hot Spot?

By November 15, 2008

Berlin is often cited as a great place to be Jew in the modern world. Before my visit, I’d been told that it was the best place in Western Europe to ‘live a Jewish life’ (whatever that means) and was … Read More