About David Samuels

David Samuels is a contributing editor to Harper's and writes frequently for The Atlantic and The New Yorker. Two of his books, The Runner, and Only Love Can Break Your Heart, were published in April 2008.

American Jews Are Double Agents: Deal With It

By May 21, 2008

To: Shmuel Rosner From: David Samuels Oh, come off it, Shmuel. You don't think American Jews are a tiny little itty-bitty bit weird? You think that Israeli Jews are a proud, normal, happy, contradiction-free people inhabiting our ancestral Jewish homeland … Read More

Israel Is The Largest Jewish Ghetto In History

By May 15, 2008

To: Shmuel Rosner From: David Samuels Dear Shmuel, You are right to say that we do different kinds of work. You are a reporter with a gift for simplifying Israeli politics and Jewish institutional wrangling in a way that makes … Read More

Meritocracy And Other Fairy Tales

By May 12, 2008

From: David Samuels To: Shmuel Rosner Dear Shmuel, Thank you for your provocative and insightful response to The Runner. I am not a conventional journalist, in the sense that I don't see my job as advancing the big picture group-think … Read More