About Emily

Emily, a former government spook, moved to L.A. (from D.C.) almost 2 years ago and believes she's already dated half of the Jewish male population in the city (i.e. the J-Date meal plan.) She's just out of a long-term relationship and is ready to dive back into the murky dating abyss, courtesy of Jewcy.

Dating Blogger Emily: “Fear of the Afterthought”

By January 17, 2007

Even though I am required by Jewcy law to write missives about my dating exploits, I find myself strangely uninspired. I am a girl who could write tomes on shoes and accessories, but for some reason the topic of boys … Read More

Dating Blogger Emily: “ColosTommy”

By January 10, 2007

Coupled or married girlfriends always assume you cannot be happy unless you too are coupled or married. When I moved out to L.A. my old D.C. girlfriends went on frantic searches to find boy in L.A. for me. The search … Read More

Dating Blogger Emily: “Double Whammy”

By January 3, 2007

Oh my gawd, if I hear another cliché of another “toad kissing” scenario I will scream in that voice that only dogs can hear. I had possibly the crappiest date with bald (Perfect on Paper) POP guy who maligned me … Read More

Dating Blogger Emily: POP Goes The Second Date

By December 20, 2006

So I couldn't cancel on POP (Perfect On Paper), my staid lawyer, who couldn’t quite compare in person to the interesting guy on email and phone. For reasons I still can’t comprehend, I agreed to this second date, and haven’t … Read More

Dating Blogger Emily: POP

By December 6, 2006

Do you ever wish you had a playbook for your life? You could be on a date or in the fetal stages of a relationship and take just a peak ahead. You'd find out if the guy was a total … Read More

Dating Blogger Emily: War and Plush

Dating Blogger Emily: War and Plush
By November 30, 2006

Albert Einstein was a hot piece of ass! I absolutely get why he had lovers by the bakers dozen. Woody Allen gets tons of tail… and I get it. Size matters. I am a sucker for a huge brain! Academics rock my world. … Read More

Dating Blogger Emily: Entry 1

By November 15, 2006

After a stint in stand-up and improv comedy, Emily took the next logical career step and joined the Central Intelligence Agency. Though never quite achieving that Jennifer Gardner look – never jetting to Gstaad in Prada, but more like wearing … Read More

Dating Blogger Emily: Entry 2

By October 5, 2006

I could totally be a rabbi’s wife and after that first shockingly clever, sweet and almost perfect first e-mail, from Rabbi-in-Training (R.I.T), I was ready to get hitched and host my first sisterhood brunch. Naturally, I re-read (4 times) his … Read More