About EricForman

Eric is a documentary producer/shooter currently living in Brooklyn, New York. Forman began his career in documentaries while a sophomore at Boston University when he spent a summer internship at Public Policy Productions working on Academy Award nominated film SOUND AND FURY. He graduated cum laude from BU in 2001 with a degree in Philosophy and Religion. After working for various independent filmmakers in Boston, Forman moved to New York in 2005. His first job in New York was to both associate produce and assistant edit Ambrica Productions' award-winning film YOUNG & RESTLESS IN CHINA which aired on PBS FRONTLINE. After that he helped produce BARACK OBAMA: PEOPLE'S PRESIDENT and THE BATTLE OF DURBAN II: ISRAEL, PALESTINE & THE UNITED NATIONS for Globalvision, Inc. In addition to a variety of doc-related freelance work, during his spare time he started Forman Films in 2006 to produce his own films of social importance. He is currently directing his first feature about a man on Alabama's death row.

“UM Schmum,” Or: The UN? Who Needs It? (Part Three)

By December 1, 2009

Tension and anticipation filled the room. Would Ahmadinejad live up to the mission of the Durban Review Conference’s focus on ending racism and speak to the thousands of oppressed Baha’i in his country? Would he admit the existence of homosexuality … Read More

“UM Schmum,” Or: The UN? Who Needs It? (Part Two)

By November 24, 2009

During the four months I spent researching the film before we flew to Geneva for the Durban Review Conference I occupied my time by talking to as many people as I could and reading article after article.  I learned as … Read More

“UM Schmum,” Or: The UN? Who Needs It? (Part One)

By November 17, 2009

Imagine it — thousands of protesters in the streets of South Africa chanting ‘Death to Israel’, screaming ‘Israel is Apartheid,’ people holding signs with a star of David, an equal sign and a swastika. Signs read ‘Hitler was Right’, others … Read More