About Gina Abelkop

I live in San Francisco where I co-edit the feminist literary & arts journal Finery. I greatly enjoys poems, pugs, Bow Wow Wow and smart babes throughout history. www.birdsoflace.com

R.I.P. Jenny Schecter: In Memory of a TV Lesbian

By March 2, 2009

Who actually likes Jenny Schecter? In the past few seasons of The L Word, Jenny, the queer/femme/Jewish/writer character played by Mia Kirshner, became a shrewd, shrill, social-climbing hussy the likes of which most people imagine abound in Hollywood. She fucked … Read More

Andy Warhol, Gay Marriage, and Accountability

By November 28, 2008

A few weeks ago I went to see the new Andy Warhol exhibit, "Warhol’s Jews," at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. Though I’ve never cared for Warhol or his artwork– his refusal to truly speak about the themes … Read More