About Howard Schweber

Howard Schweber is an associate professor of political science and law at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  He is the author of books on the First Amendment, American legal history, and constitutional philosophy, and articles on numerous subjects. Before becoming a college teacher, at various times in the past he has worked as a lawyer, a construction worker, a social worker, a janitor, and playing piano in a bar in Jerusalem.  In 2005 he was a judge in the City of Madison's annual Halloween costume contest, and in 2008 he represented the Latke side in the annual Latke-Hammentaschen debate.

AIG, Populist Outrage, and the Future of the Banking System

By March 18, 2009

When AIG top management approached their staff about foregoing bonuses, the response – as described at The Hill – was "take a hike." Management, in turn, felt they had not choice but to pay the bonuses. Partly they were afraid … Read More

The Case for Hamentaschen

By March 5, 2009

Last week, I had the honor of appearing in the annual Latke-Hammentaschen Debate at UW-Madison.  This event was first held at the University of Chicago in 1946, and has taken place at many locations ever since. My opponent for the … Read More

Geithner’s Dragon

By March 1, 2009

At the end of the brilliant 1969 movie The Italian Job (starring Michael Caine, Noel Coward, and Benny Hill, not to be confused with the charmless 2003 remake), our heroes are – spoiler alert!- gathered at one end of a … Read More

The Case Against Prosecutions

By January 25, 2009

[cross-posted at The Huffington Post] There is a lot of talk these days about the idea that Bush, Cheney, and members of their administration should be prosecuted for violations of American criminal and international law.  The arguments in favor of … Read More

On Proportionality – Part II

By January 15, 2009

Note:  in a previous post ("On Proportionality – Part I") I discussed the idea of proportionality and considered events in the period prior to Hamas’ election to power.  This post continues the discussion. 2)  The period following Hamas’ election. In … Read More

On Proportionality – Part I

By January 14, 2009

Denunciations of Israel’s invasion of Gaza have been widespread, and some of them have used language that verges on the hysterical, using terms like "genocide" (as Mahmoud Abbas did on January 6th in calling on the UN to intervene).  The … Read More

Jordan and Jerusalem for Christmas

By January 6, 2009

Last week there was this conference in Jerusalem that would allow me to scam the university for the cost of an airplane ticket (this was arranged just before the current crisis.)  I decided to make it interesting by including a … Read More

Hamas and Israel: Two to Tango

By January 5, 2009

The first thing to understand about what is going on in Gaza is that it is not the result of a sudden decision or an immediate provocation by one side or the other; this thing has been in the planning … Read More