About Jessica Pauline

Jessica Pauline is a Los Angeles-based freelance writer. She is the Health Editor for LAist.com, and currently writes for the L.A. Times and The Jewish Journal, amongst other online and print publications. She has read and performed her work at various venues, including locally at In the Flesh L.A. and abroad at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Jessica holds a bachelor’s degree in music from NYU and is currently finishing a book about the sordid L.A. underground.

Jessica lives in West Hollywood with her fiancé and her hyper dog.

Jewesses: Officially Hot

By December 9, 2009

Details, you guys! We’re in Details! That’s right: a leading men’s magazine, one which sets the standards for mainstream hetero male sexuality, has acknowledged publicly that Jewish Girls Are Hot. According to author Christopher Noxon, we’re no longer the Janeane … Read More

The Goyls Next Door

By October 23, 2009

As I’m sure you’re all aware, last week marked the launch of the sixth season of “The Girls Next Door,” E!’s reality show about life at the Playboy mansion. Kendra, Holly and Bridget are out, and Crystal, Kristina and Karissa … Read More

Turning 30 on Yom Kippur

By October 2, 2009

Every few years, my birthday falls on Yom Kippur. Any other early Libras in the house may know the joy that I experienced as a child, when my birthday celebration was combined with over a dozen hangry (read: hungry and … Read More