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Morning News Roundup

By December 6, 2007

Frozen Shelter from the Storm President Bush and Treasury Secretary Pauslon have unveiled a strategy for dealing with the ongoing subprime mortgage crunch. Their proposal would freeze the interest rates specific homeowners are paying on their Adjustable Rate Mortgages instead … Read More

Tuesday News Round-up

By December 4, 2007

Bush Expected to scold Congress George Bush is having another press conference where it is expected that he will fault congress for their lack of progress on numerous fronts. With their own candidates doing the same it will be hard … Read More

Monday Morning Round-up

By December 3, 2007

Chavez Loses Constitutional Vote   In a stunning rebuke, the wannabe strongman is denied an extended term and other changes in the government that wound have created “communal property” and allowed for the suspension of civil liberties.   Putin's Party … Read More

Afternoon News Round-up

By November 30, 2007

Castro Says He Warned Chavez About US Castro, the survivor of many C.I.A attempts, warns his friend Hugo of the United States wishes. The two men and their nations have strengthened ties since the collapse of the Soviet Union, where … Read More

Morning News Round-up

By November 30, 2007

Bloomberg and Obama? Mayor Bloomberg had breakfast with Democrat candidate Barak Obama, causing many in the media to speculate about the mayor’s future plans. They Shot Rodney King? Police believe the troubled man was shot in an alcohol-related domestic disagreement. … Read More

News Roundup

By November 29, 2007

Prince of the Citi Abu Dhabi’s bailout of Citi is sinking-in and some critics are distressed by potential consequences of Citi’s petrodollar assistance. The Telegraph explains the widespread reaction of collective relief about this deal is eschewing the darker reality … Read More

Morning News Roundup

By November 29, 2007

Republicans Debate in Florida The Republican candidates for President subjected themselves to a withering barrage of questions from YouTube dweebs. Of special note, the early fights on immigration between the Mittster (or Willard Mitt, if you’re not into the whole … Read More

Afternoon News Roundup

By November 28, 2007

When Fatah were the bad guys: too… much… irony…. head…. exploding…. Saudis arrest 200 terror suspects, celebrate by gang-raping woman and then arresting her too. Climate change causes more fevers; insert awful global warming pun here. In Giuliani's defense, free … Read More