About Jimmy Bradshaw

Jimmy Bradshaw is a pseudonym for a prominent social democrat.

Imagine There Was a Left…

By January 16, 2009

Reading the blogs and the op-ed pages of the newspaper, with the defenders of Israel on one side and the dupes of/supporters of Hamas on the other, it is hard to avoid wondering what the political situation in the Middle … Read More

Learning to Live with Islamism

By January 14, 2009

One of the most depressing aspects of the current conflict between Israel and Hamas, along with of course to the tragic and horrific loss of innocent Palestinian life, is the very limited chances of Israel emerging from the violence with … Read More

The Neoconservative Persuasion and Foreign Policy

By December 4, 2007

A lengthy and fascinating interview with Joshua Muravchik is in the latest edition of Democratiya. Muravchik talks about his personal journey from the socialist left to neo-conservatism and then goes on to look at Iraq and Islamist terror and the … Read More

Chavez – Is the Worst Yet to Come?

By December 4, 2007

One of the most common characteristics of the authoritarian personalities who end up becoming dictators is their refusal to see themselves as fallible human beings, capable of mistakes or misjudgements. Hugo Chavez is not yet a dictator but he is … Read More

Is It Still Possible to Be a Leftie? (Part Three)

By December 2, 2007

Why we need a left In my first two posts of this series, I tried to defend opponents of violent jihadism and supporters of the Iraq war from the charge that they had abandoned the values of the left and … Read More

The Soccer Dialectic

By November 24, 2007

   This is a post about English soccer – but before all you Americans scroll down to something else, let may say it is also about identity and globalisation, capitalism and the decline of the nation-state.     OK, still here? Right, … Read More

Is it Still Possible to be a Lefty? (Part two)

By October 11, 2007

[Read part one here.]  Who says we aren’t lefties anyway? I want to try to deal quickly with the accusation – so frequently heard and read – that no-one who supported the Iraq war can still be considered a left-winger … Read More

The Only Game In Town?

By October 4, 2007

The leftist origins of neo-conservatism are frequently exaggerated but Joshua Muravchik is one of those neo-cons who really did cut his teeth in the radical left scene before heading rightwards – he was a member of the Young People’s Socialist … Read More