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Joey Kurtzman is former president of Jewcy Partners, LLC, and co-founding editor of Jewcy.com

Questions for Noah Feldman?

By July 22, 2007

Ed. note: This request for questions is now closed. The interview with Noah Feldman has now been published, here.   Dearest Jewcers, I'm in the middle of an e-mail interview with Noah Feldman, Harvard law professor and author of Orthodox … Read More

Jews, Children of Intermarriage, and Neo-Nazi Shemale Pricks

By July 19, 2007

Yesterday, Michael kindly leapt to my defense against those who assert that I'm unentitled to speak on Jewish issues, what with my being not only a "neo-Nazi shemale prick," but, less forgivably, a non-Jewish neo-Nazi shemale prick. Michael volunteered that … Read More

All Aboard the Fire Foxman Train

By July 16, 2007

In a post titled "Abe Foxman must go," Red Sox of the Daily Kos cites Jewcy and first recruit Marc Oppenheimer of the Huffington Post before saying: I now tell my fellow American Jew, Abraham Foxman: stand down. You are … Read More

Wanna Be Smarter Than Your Friends? Press a Smart Drink Against Your Head.

By July 16, 2007

Would you like to be smarter than your friends? Outperform your coworkers? Leave women swooning at the sharpness of your wit, your ability to remain forever “on” in social settings? And while you’re at it, would you like a wonderfully … Read More

Joey Kurtzman’s Jewcy Summer Book: That Noble Dream

By July 16, 2007

If you've heard of Peter Novick, it's probably for his groundbreaking The Holocaust in American Life, which is a bit like the smart person's version of Normal Finkelstein's activist wankjob The Holocaust Industry. But while The Holocaust in American Life … Read More

Fire Foxman

By July 8, 2007

Abdullah Gul needed a favor. It was February 5 of this year, and the Turkish foreign minister was fighting a push in the U.S. House of Representatives to recognize the Turkish murder of over one million Armenians during World War … Read More

The Coming Jewish Schism

By June 19, 2007

From: Joey Kurtzman To: Jack Wertheimer Subject: A Viable Judaism Requires Breaking from the Orthodox Jack, You are right: I don't regard the Jewish people as my family. I feel a great affection for Jewish culture, I value the Jewish … Read More

The Ethnocentric Cult Is Finished

By June 13, 2007

From: Joey Kurtzman To: Jack Wertheimer Subject: Reporting, not Prophecy Well, we do agree on some things, Jack. I have to admit that when I first read you described as the Cassandra of American Jewry, I scoffed. It gives you … Read More