About Jon Papernick

Jon Papernick's novel Who by Fire, Who by Blood will be published this fall by Exile Editions. To learn more visit his website or his blog. He is also the author of The Ascent of Eli Israel, a collection of short stories, and is currently adapting Who by Fire, Who by Blood into a graphic novel with artist Sandy Jimenez. Papernick lives outside Boston with his wife and son.

Ten Keys for Negotiating Like a True Macher

By March 1, 2007

1.) You must be willing to ask for what you want. 2.) Successful negotiators must be good listeners 3.) You must be comfortable with conflict 4.) Be prepared. 5.) Take "no" as a starting point for negotiating rather than an … Read More

Is the Mikvah For Me?

By January 29, 2007

I should warn you that this article contains full frontal male nudity. But please, control yourself; there will be no soft-lit oohs and aahs, no writhing in ecstasy—just a man stripped down, and alone, at his most naked before God … Read More

The Quest Begins

The Quest Begins
By November 15, 2006

I’m a bad Jew. I’m also a skinny Jew, an arrogant Jew, a neurotic Jew, an erotic Jew, and even a dirty Jew—at least I’ve been called each of those names more than once in my lifetime. But now, at … Read More