About Jonah Eidus

Jonah is an avid surfer, cyclist, and environmentalist. He writes a bi-weekly column for Jewcy, "Think Globally, Act," focusing on business and social issues and opportunities surrounding the ever expanding green movement.  

Think Globally, Act: A Vote for Obama is a Vote for Earth

By October 8, 2008

We are at an historic crossroads.  Any environmental expert will tell you that if we do not reverse the trend of our carbon emissions within 15 years, we risk doing irreparable damage to our planet.   Given that it will take … Read More

Think Globally, Act: Turning Garbage into Gardens

By September 3, 2008

As I traversed the country last week, a few things became quite evident about middle America: The plain states love Jesus, hate any meal not smothered in bacon, and despite the thousands of wind turbines that have gone up in … Read More

How To: Compost

By September 3, 2008

Looking for a way to reduce the amount of your life that ends up in a landfill?  Composting is one of the easiest and most tangible ways to reduce your environmental footprint.  And if that’s not enough motivation, you’ll also … Read More

Think Globally, Act: Wind Energy is a Total REC

By August 19, 2008

A wind turbine and an oil rig walk into a bar. The oil rig turns to the turbine and says, “Dude, I think I’m running out. I don’t know what I’m going to do… do you have a plan?” The … Read More

Think Globally, Act: An Introduction

By August 6, 2008

The phrase “Think globally, Act locally” has long been the rallying cry of youth for social change. Recently I’ve wondered whether its actual meaning has been lost in the shuffle, becoming as clichéd as a Vin Diesel movie. How many … Read More