About Karen Chernick

Much to the disappointment of her Moroccan grandmother, Karen became a vegetarian at the age of seven because of a heartfelt respect for other forms of life.

She also began her journey to understand her surroundings and her impact on the environment, even starting an elementary school Ecology Club and an environmental newsletter in the 3rd grade.  (The proceeds of the newsletter went to non-profit environmental organizations, of course.)

These days she works in an art museum in Tel Aviv, tries to figure out ways to be kinder to our planet, and writes about the environment at Green Prophet.  Her Moroccan grandmother is disappointed but has learned how to cook seitan.  

Israel is So Gay (and Proud, as Demonstrated by its Tenth Annual Pride Parade)

By June 9, 2008

Just this past Friday afternoon, thousands of Israelis gathered in Gan Meir Park for the 10th annual Gay Pride Parade, which had its modest beginnings in Tel Aviv in 1998. The parade marched through two of Tel Aviv’s main streets … Read More

No ‘Sex’ for the City of Jerusalem

By May 23, 2008

Women all across America may be planning their big girls’ night out to watch the new Sex and the City movie being released on May 29th, but the women of Jerusalem and Petach Tikva will probably be doing something else, … Read More

Al Gore Awarded $1 Million Prize from Israeli Foundation

By May 20, 2008

The invitees to last night’s Dan David Prize ceremony—during which generous awards were given to Former Vice President Al Gore, Amos Oz, and Sir Tom Stoppard, among others—were a mixed bunch. Young Israelis who regard flip flops as formal attire … Read More