About Krister Stendahl

Krister Stendahl, the Mellon Professor of Divinity Emeritus at Harvard Divinity School and retired Bishop of Stockholm, taught New Testament at HDS for four decades and was Dean from 1968 to 1979.

Part Four: Final thoughts

By January 7, 2008

We have spoken about love for the Bible. But let me lift up the larger aspect of this love and refer you toward the end, to one of the most beloved passages in the beloved book: I Corinthians 13, the … Read More

Part Three: Who Owns God?

By January 7, 2008

Ultimately, I came to learn that there are at lest three quite distinct symbol systems, or paradigms, for Christian theology coming out of the Bible. One is dominated by the idea of God as the judge, and what is going … Read More

Part Two: How Not to Read the Bible

By January 7, 2008

In my first post, I explained the first wrong way to read the Bible; the second lesson is that the Bible is not always as deep as we think. Of course, because it is the word of God, it is … Read More

Why I Love the Bible

By January 6, 2008

To give reasons for one’s love feels awkward. You might be able to give reasons for your choices, but before I fell in love with the Bible, I never went to the library to read the Holy Qur’an, or the … Read More