About Mae Singerman

Mae Singerman is a Miami Beach native who works at Jewish Funds for Justice. Her interests are social justice things, reading, anti-racism, sewing, cooking and biking.

Kosher Food Producer Pulls Unkosher BS

By August 13, 2010

Flaum Appetizing, a kosher food producer based in Brooklyn, owes an estimated $230,000 in overtime pay to their workers. There have even been hearings at the National Labor Relations Board, who sided with the workers, but Flaum is yet to … Read More

Glenn Beck and the Art of Haiku

By March 26, 2010

You know when you’re in an argument with someone and they bring up Hitler as a way to either make you feel like crap, or just put an end to the conversation?  For example:  you’re discussing the benefits of a … Read More

Jews and Plastic Surgery

By January 20, 2010

Three weeks ago, I wrote about the Matzah Ball, the “revolutionary” Jewish singles party on Christmas Eve, a.k.a the sleaziest Jewish-themed event I’ve ever been to. At the Matzah Ball, as I wrote, there was a table offering plastic surgery … Read More

Williamsburg vs. Williamsburg

By December 16, 2009

Two weeks ago, the City removed bike lanes in South Williamsburg, a primarily Hassidic community. Influential parts of the Hassidic community have been vocally unhappy about the lanes attracting scantily clad women bikers and bikers who don’t follow traffic laws. … Read More