About Maya Wainhaus

Maya Wainhaus is a writer, painter, Yankees fan and movie-musical enthusiast living in Brooklyn. She also writes a blog about tetris called Girls Play Tetris.

Meet the Sock Puppets

By December 17, 2007

Think your family is dysfunctional? Meet Uncle Monsterface, Redyellow Nose, and Captain Smarm of the sock puppet clan. Their creator, Marty, sells their adorable portraits online and at Union Square in Manhattan. The tiny portraits make a great gift for … Read More

Chinese Food on Christmas: The Musical

By December 17, 2007

Brandon Walker was a lonely Jew on Christmas with no place to go. Then he discovered Chinese food and movies. He wrote a catchy song about it, and the rest is YouTube history.    

The Secret to Robert Plant’s Perfect Curls

By December 17, 2007

New York Magazine recently asked several stylists to ponder the secrets behind Robert Plant's seemingly indefatigable hair. Although we may not be rock stars, we curly-haired folk could probably learn a thing or two from his technique.

Street Artists Head Indoors for a Show at Ad Hoc Art in Brooklyn

By December 14, 2007

    Here's a heads up about what promises to be an amazing show from our friends at the ever-hip Wooster Collective. Curated by Michael DeFeo, tonight's opening at Ad Hoc Art in Brooklyn features 40 of the most recognized … Read More

Furry Fashions for Guys

By December 13, 2007

    Good news, men. According to the New York Times, now you can wear your fur hats and coats without shame. For some, fur has been in fashion for a while, but the ladies out there might prefer the … Read More

How Hip Is Your Vacation?

By December 12, 2007

  Iran ranks 18th in the New York Times' round up of the top travel destinations of 2008. Find out which place made it to number one on this list of vacation favorites and newcomers.

Gorgeous (and Hairy) New Artwork by Miss Van

By December 12, 2007

Miss Van's art incorporates femininity, attachment, and the power of hair. Check out this short film about her recent work, courtesy of the Wooster Collective.

New Art from the West Bank

By December 12, 2007

The project "Seen in Behlehem" takes art to the walls and streets of the West Bank. More photos from this series can be found at the Wooster Collective website.