About Maya Wainhaus

Maya Wainhaus is a writer, painter, Yankees fan and movie-musical enthusiast living in Brooklyn. She also writes a blog about tetris called Girls Play Tetris.

Jewcy Needs Interns!

By November 27, 2007

Jewcy is looking for interns for Winter 2007-8 to help with day-to-day production in our Brooklyn offices. Candidates must be organized, motivated, interested in online media, and ideally good writers as well. (Actually being Jewish not required, but an interest … Read More

Is Thanksgiving a Jewish Holiday?

By November 21, 2007

The other day my mom was discussing Thanksgiving plans with a few of her coworkers, when one of them turned to her. “I hope you don’t mind my asking,” he said, “but do Jews celebrate Thanksgiving the same day as … Read More

Five Skeptic Blogs for the Unbeliever

By November 2, 2007

Who knew there were so many blogs dedicated to debunking the paranormal? Herewith, our top five: Bad Astronomy What it’s about: Finding the funny in NASA, politics and UFO sightings. Who writes it: Phil Plait, physics and astronomy professor at … Read More