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Melissa Gira is a freelance writer, a reporter for Valleywag, the editor of Sexerati, and co-founder of the sex worker blog Bound, Not Gagged. She has been featured on Nerve.com, the San Francisco Chronicle, Cosmopolitan (France), and SexTV, with numerous other media mentions including Wired.com, NPR, and Penthouse Forum. Melissa works out of her handbag-sized office wherever an EDGE network and fancy boots can take her.

Max Mosley Thought He Was Paying for Discretion, Not Dehumanization

By April 11, 2008

Henri is a Jew. He operates a semi-private BDSM bar in Berlin. The first night we met, he wept into my camera. We drank shots of Campari and I promised to keep rolling as he kept talking. The bar was … Read More