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Mordechai Shinefield has written for Rolling Stone, the Village Voice and the Forward. When he's not writing music criticism, he's working on a collection of short fiction. He lives with his wife, Charlotte, and his cat, Jonas (named after the Weezer song) in Washington Heights.

The Lyrics of Lamentations

By December 15, 2009

Last weekend, Dashboard Confessional and New Found Glory played all acoustic sets at the tiny, sold-out, Highline Ballroom in the New York Meatpacking distract. Dashboard Confessional is already mostly acoustic — soft songs about breakups and heartache, but stripped-down NFG … Read More

Jew Trek

By May 19, 2009

As seems de rigeur for this sort of post, let me prove my Star Trek bona fides (or lack thereof) before going forward. I was a child of Star Trek: The Next Generation, only three years old when it premiered, … Read More

What Eurovision Teaches Us About Israel

By June 10, 2008

Do the fluctuations of a country's social climate shape the contours of their pop music? Certainly the history of rock makes that argument–the folk rock of the 60s, the punk rock of the Thatcher and Reagan eras, the political fervent … Read More

“Buffy” Auteur Joss Whedon Didn’t Kill Off Jewish X-Man Kitty Pryde

By May 29, 2008

Whew. Today a bullet was dodged. Literally. Kitty Pryde — the Magen Dovid–toting, mutant-powered, Jewgirl X-Men – didn't die, as feared, in today's Astonishing X-Men conclusion. Around the world (or maybe only around me) you could hear sighs of relief. … Read More

Morrissey to Play Tel Aviv Festival, Palestinians are Mad

By April 18, 2008

Morrissey, perennial lovelorn crooner and former Smiths frontman, recently announced his plans to play the Heatwave Festival in Tel Aviv July 29th. He broadcast the announcement from Los Angeles where he sported what looks like a Sharpie tattoo of the … Read More

The Eurovision Song Contest: Like American Idol Multiplied by ABBA, Plus Israelis!

By March 10, 2008

I love "American Idol," but there is really only one music competition for me. It's poppy, international, and full of gorgeous ethnic superstars. It is also, criminally, not broadcast in the United States. It’s the annual Eurovision Song Contest, and … Read More