About Peter Singer

Peter Singer is a preference utilitarian, a Jewcy radical, and generally preferable to Noam Chomsky. He's a professor of bioethics at Princeton, a professor of applied philosophy and public ethics at the University of Melbourne, and possibly the most influential philosopher on the planet.

Humility Kills

Humility Kills
By May 24, 2007

Peter Singer is routinely described as "the most influential living philosopher" and occasionally as "the most dangerous man in the world," so it's with much giddiness that we introduce him for a second time as a contributor to Jewcy. The … Read More

It’s Like an Online Vegetarian Orgasmatron! Peter Singer Responds to Jewcy Veggie Dialogue.

By May 14, 2007

Yep. Here it is. From Singer himself, in response to the Jewcy vegetarian dialogue. Truly, all things are possible, if only you pester, flatter, beg, and resort to myriad other methods of persuasion, inducement, coercion. Here's his take. — Joey  … Read More