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The problem with people like Portnoy (a Roth character really and not a real person) think that they are invuulnerable that they will never be beaten up by Jew hating thugs.

Their stupidity which they hide behind stupid jokes is mindblowing.

?????? ????? (The Retarded Prodigy)

?????? ?????  (The Retarded Prodigy)
By August 27, 2007

Ovadia Yosef is, without doubt, the most highly regarded Sefardi* rabbinical figure in Israel and the de facto kingmaker of the Shas political party. He also used to be the Sefardi chief rabbi of Israel. The prestige of being chief … Read More

Jewish Freaks and Geeks

Jewish Freaks and Geeks
By December 19, 2006

Click here to view an interactive essay about post-shtetl celebrity This slide-show requires the latest version of the Adobe Flash player. Get it here.