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What Flavor of New Jew Are You?

By July 3, 2009

At a glance, there really aren’t that many "movements" in Judaism. Orthodox, reform, reconstructionist and conservative. That’s pretty much it. Sure, there are some variations on this, but compared to the Christian world, Jews like to keep it simple. Or … Read More

Robo-Goys, Kosher Phones and Other Jewish Technological Innovations

By July 2, 2009

People don’t like to think very far into the future. I understand that: I can barely think about next week, let alone a decade from now. But if the Tribe is going to survive, we need to learn to adapt. … Read More

How to Save Judaism: Better Marketing!

By May 28, 2009

Jews don’t seem to care as much about Judaism as they used to. This smacked me on the head recently when I learned that a friend of mine’s step-father (born to a Jewish family) recently "accepted Christ" and attends an … Read More

Wolverine Is Jewish

By May 20, 2009

In this video, I explain how Wolverine is clearly a member of the tribe. Enjoy, because this is as close as you’re getting to Hugh Jackman being a Jew.

You Might Be PunkTorah If…

By May 19, 2009

What does it mean to be PunkTorah? In the spirit of Jeff Foxworthy’s "You Might Be a Redneck If…" -You’ve seriously considered taking speed in order to stay awake on Shavuot -You only have one-night stands with girls/guys you’ve met … Read More