About Rabbi Andy Bachman

Andy Bachman is senior rabbi at Congregation Beth Elohim in Brooklyn, New York, and, along with his wife Rachel Altstein, is a founder of Brooklyn Jews. He was ordained by the Reform movement in 1996.

No More Hi And Goodbye

By November 27, 2006

[Note: This post originally appeared on Rabbi Andy Bachman's blog Brooklyn Jews.] By the 1870s in America, the one aspect of Shabbat observance that was perceived of as within the “rabbinic reach” of liberal leadership was attendance at Shabbat services. … Read More

Jeffrey Goldberg’s Prisoners

Jeffrey Goldberg’s Prisoners
By November 16, 2006

Note: This post has been reprinted, with permission, from Rabbi Andy Bachman's Brooklyn Jews blog. If you’ve followed his writing in the New Yorker these past several years, then you’ll certainly enjoy his new book. Jeffrey Goldberg, Washington correspondant for … Read More

Hastert Should Resign

By October 5, 2006

[Note: This post has been excerpted, with permission, from Rabbi Andy Bachman's Brooklyn Jews' blog "Ideas."]  I know people are saying the “blogosphere” is aglow with comments on Congressman Foley and Congressman Hastert and what whose office knew about whom … Read More