About RebeccaD

Rebecca DiLiberto lives in Los Angeles, where she writes other people's books.

Public Parts

By October 29, 2008

Emily Stern, daughter of Howard, became the object of many Internet searches when she appeared nude as Madonna in the satirical play, Kabbalah, at the Jewish Theatre of New York in 2006. Though she pulled out of the production as … Read More

Communicating with the Dead

By October 31, 2007

Most people my age would take a trip to a village ruled by fortunetellers for its ironic value, but when I pulled up to the spiritualist community of Lily Dale, New York, I genuinely believed I would reach the ghost … Read More

The Play-It-Down Jew

By June 4, 2007

1985. United Airlines flight 80, SFO to JFK, seat 4B. I am a child of divorce, en route to visit my father for the summer. I’m unwrapping my third Fruit Roll-Up and humming along to the Xanadu soundtrack when Gargamel … Read More

Urban Zen: Death by Macrobiotics

By May 23, 2007

Someone is punishing me for my skeptical attitude toward Urban Zen. By someone, I guess I mean God, in the way my mother says “God is punishing you” when I trip after making fun of someone, or rip my pants … Read More

Urban Zen: Searching for Dr. Feelgood

By May 22, 2007

The first panel I attend at the Urban Zen initiative is called “The Path: Doctors, Embracing a New Way of thinking.” Its goal is to encourage doctors of Western medicine to consider alternative modalities—such as yoga, Chinese medicine, and holistic … Read More

Urban Zen: Access Hollywood

By May 22, 2007

Getting into the first panel I attend, “Doctors, Embracing a New Way of Thinking,” isn’t easy. After I arrive at the Stephan Weiss studio, deep in the West Village, I get in line to check in with one of many … Read More

Healing the Well-Heeled

By May 21, 2007

I am taking notes on a pad designed and provided by fashion guru Donna Karan. Sitting in her studio on an overstuffed floor pillow, Fiji water and raw walnuts within reach, I am admiring scores of taut, burnished individuals dressed … Read More

The Secret: What I Learned

By April 25, 2007

The Secret is no secret. Everyone—including my most intellectual, pop-culture-deprived friends submerged in academia—has heard of it. I think it's safe to say The Secret has reached its saturation point. Which makes me think, if the whole planet knows about … Read More