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Ron Rosenbaum is columnist for Slate and a blogger for Pajamas Media. His books include The Shakespeare Wars, Explaining Hitler and The Secret Parts of Fortune.

“The Reader” is the Worst Movie of the Year

By December 22, 2008

No contest. It’s not just another degrading conflation of Nazis and sex a trend in cultural stupidity I’ve noted elsewhere. It’s just plain incoherent, idiotic–and deeply offensive. Kate Winslet — a wonderful actress (what could she be thinking?) — plays … Read More

The Tragedy of False Optimism in Jihad World

By December 2, 2008

Thomas Friedman wrote an entire column today, in Sunday’s New York Times about an Iraqi legislator who was prosecuted for visiting Israel in a brave one-man attempt to make a statement that hatred didn’t have to prevail in the Middle … Read More